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Redondo Beach Bail Bonds has been around for quite some time. We were bailing out movie stars and more from the 60's.

Our agents are top notch, friendly and have many years of experience writing Redondo Beach Bail Bonds. They are licensed by the California Department of Insurance.

How Bail Bonds Work

  1. Someone calls our Redondo Beach Bail Bonds Office
  2. Our Bail Bond Agents Answer and get the name of the arrestee
  3. The Bail Agents look up the arrestee's bail bond information
  4. Bail is $100K, Bail Bonds Companies must charge 10%,by STATE LAW, so the caller needs $10K to bail the arrestee out.
  5. The Caller now chooses to bail the arrestee out or leave them in jail until their court date.
  6. The Caller chooses to bail out the arrestee.
  7. The Bail Bonds Agent now faxes or emails the bail bond application and the caller signs and faxes or emails the application back.
  8. The bail bond agent then heads over to the jail and posts bail for the arrestee.
  9. The arrestee is released shortly thereafter.
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Redondo beach bail bonds

Ask your neighbor, coworker, or friend and most likely they will never had to deal with a bail bonds agent.

At Redondo Beach Bail Bonds we understand that when you call our bail bonds office, this is probably your first time. Our experienced and friendly bail agents handle each client iwth great care. It's usually a tense situaiton for the calling party. We pride ourselves with providing great customer service.redondo beach bail bonds

Normally the person who is calling about their loved one in theRedondo Beach Jail puts the bail bond premium on a creadit card providing a very quick release for the arrestee.

Where is Redondo Beach Bail Bonds, well, we are usually at the Redondo Beach Jail. If we are not there, give us a call and we can be there within minutes.

There are a few ways to qualify a bail bonds company to see if you want to work with them. The easiest way it to just give them a call. You can make a decision right away if you feel comfortable speaking with the bail bond agent on the phone and they're able to answer any questions you might have.

The next qualification is to check their member status of a few associations namely; Better Business Bureau, California Bail Agents Association, National Notary Association and the California Department of Insurance.

If their status is A or above with all of these associations and you like the feeling you get when speaking with the bail bond agent, you can move forward.

Rest assured, any call that comes in to Redondo Beach Bail Bonds is treated with respect and we can be happy to say that because of our great customer service, we almost always area a first call company. Meaning, if they call us, they don't call anyone else.

Call Redondo Beach Bail Bonds now and let us help. 800-932-2458.

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